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“Whether together or far apart, you are the sister of my Heart.” Stitch this beautiful feminine and heartfelt “Sister” Sampler! The verse is suitable for various people, including gifting friends that feel like your sisters. Elegant and timeless.
At the top is a lovely urn holding stylized flowers, surrounded by vines and birds in shades of blue and pale fuchsia. The lace is all stitched with ivory threads and makes this a really feminine sampler. There is a wonderful shade of deep gold which adds drama to the stitching. You will enjoy stitching bands of specialty stitches, flowers, and lovely Hardanger lace, as you work with the overdyed silk flosses chosen for their joy and happy feelings.
The band in the middle that shows two ladies having tea together symbolizes the special relationship between sisters. Stitch this sampler for yourself, your sister(s) or a friend who is your chosen sister, to celebrate your relationship and show them how much they mean to you. Stitch it with joy as you know you are a sister of the heart to so many, and hang it in your own home! This is a labour of love. – Thea

Design area: 64w x 268h (4.6” wide x 19.1” high)
Model: 28ct Cashel Linen – Raw Linen:
Cut fabric: 11” wide x 25″ high for frame

Fabric and threads not included



The Victoria Sampler


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