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Rabbit, Puppy, Dove, Rabbit, Dragonfly Needle Minder


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Handcrafted from copper, brass and nickel by local artisans in a small village in Thailand where project proceeds contribute to the health, education and welfare of their community. All Puffin Needlework supplies are lead free.

Simply place your Needle Minder on the front of your needlework canvas or fabric, in a convenient location, and align the other magnet directly behind your Needle Minder. Made with 2 super strong high quality rare earth magnets, our Needle Minders are strong enough to hold your scissors as well.

Size – 1″ x 1 1/2″ Dove, Elephant, Rabbit and Puppy designs available

Needle Minder

Elephant, Dove, Puppy, Rabbit, Mini Bird


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