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Heirloom Stitching Sampler Chart ONLY


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A Stitched Family Heirloom!
“Grandma loved her fancywork and passed it on to me.
My daughter found her needleart at my dear mother’s knee.
Our love and lives are intertwined for all of us to see.
The threads with which I stitch today connect our family”

Design area: 434h x 64w (31”h x 4.6”w). 28ct Raw Linen Cashel Linen required

Listed for Gloriana, Needlepoint Silk Inc., Caron, Kreinik silk threads and SJ  and Mill Hill beads and Access Commodities heart beads

Stitches used:

– Cross Stitch over two
– Cross Stitch over one
– Backstitch
– Satin Stitch
– Lazy Daisy
– Beadwork
– French Knots
– Fan Lace
– Smyrna Crosses
– Arrowhead Stitch
– Herringbone Stitch
– Elongated Queen Stitch
– Double Levaithan Stitch
– Jacobean Couching
– Triple Rice
– Algerian Eyelet
– Elongated Rice Stitch
– Elongated Smyrna
– Running Stitch
– Pins Stitch
– Scotch Stitch
– Upright Cross
– Four Sided Stitch
– Square Eyelet
– Diamond Eyelet
– Herringbone Hem
– Klosters
– Woven Bars
– Dove’s Eyes
– Greek Cross
– Partial Rhodes
– Double Cross
– Bargello Wave
– Leviathan Variation
– Bargello Lace
– Norwich Stitch
– Ray Stitch
– Quodlibet Stitch
– Double Herringbone


The Victoria Sampler


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