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Heirloom Birth Sampler Chart


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In this sampler, you are invited to finish all the whitework months or even years before it is needed. The sparkling champagne beads and soft gold metallics are subtle and delicate, blending with almost any other colour. Your choice of silk ribbon and floss will complete your heirloom. Two sizes for sampler

Heirloom Birth Sampler

Larger Version
Design Area: 165h x 72w – 10.5″ x 4.5″ 32ct platinum Belfast Linen (not included)

Sampler: Smaller version
Design area: 140h x 46w – 10″ x 3 1/4″ 28 ct platinum Cashel required

Stitches used in this Sampler:
– Cross Stitch
– Backstitch
– Silk Ribbon Spider Web Rose
– Looped Ribbon Stitch
– Beadwork
– Pulled Three Sided Stitch
– Large Single Cross Stitch
– Eyelet Stitch Half Eyelet Stitch
– Straight Stitch
– Hemstitching
– Satin Stitch
– Four Sided Stitch
– Single Cross Diamond Eyelets
– Pins Pulled Work
– Rhodes Butterfly
– Herringbone Stitch
– Kloster Blocks
– Woven Bars
– Divided Wrapped Bars
– Doves Eyes
– Algerian Eyes


The Victoria Sampler


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