Cottage Garden Sampler Chart + Accessory Pack


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Completely worked in all silk threads, the lower entrance to the cottage garden is through the little trellised gate set in a white picket fence, overgrown with tall delphinium, lupins, and buttercups.

A rambling vine of sweet peas tumbles over the trellis overhead. Then you walk by a multitude of Victorian garden beds filled with pretty flowers, grassy areas, hedges and little white fences, until you reach the lovely stylized little English cottage in the distance.

It has a thatched roof and old fashioned roses climbing over the front door under the eaves and is surrounded by herbs and flowers. A delight of textures and techniques for the experienced stitcher.

This Learning Sampler is ideal for the beginning specialty stitcher! You will have a chance to embroider 15 different stitches and a small row of Hardanger.

Design area: 113h x 46w (8″ high X 2 1/4″ wide)
Model: 28ct Quaker Cloth Rue Green
(Cut fabric: 14″ high X 9″ wide for framing.)

Accessory Pack
Caron Collection Waterlilies – Cafe au Lait

Access Trebizond TRA 125 – white
Access Soie 100 – 3 #004 – light grey/teal
Au Ver a Soie #1745 medium grey/teal
Au Ver a Soie – blanc/white
Au Ver a Soie #2511 yellow
Au Ver a Soie #3011 rose pink
Au Ver a Soie #4912 periwinkle blue
Au Ver a Soie #1343 purple
Au Ver a Soie #3346 taupe/brown
Au Ver a Soie #5025 dark blue/green
Au Ver a Soie #5023 medium blue/green
Au Ver a Soie #1835 grass green

Stitches used in this Sampler:
Cross Stitch
Gobelin Filling Stitch
Satin Stitch
French Knot
Scotch Stitch
Hemstitching with Herringbone Stitch
Ray Stitch
Algerian Eye Stitch
Sheaf Stitch
Modified Diamond Eye Stitch
Long Armed Cross Stitch
Satin Stitch Kloster Block
Woven Bars
Doves Eyes
Queen Stitch
Knit Stitch
Four Sided Stitch


The Victoria Sampler


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